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MLUV Properties, LLC is a real estate investment firm that invests in real estate and people. Led by an innovative entrepreneur that came together with a team to leverage a network of investors with expertise in business, management, acquisitions, negotiations, marketing, sales, and contracts, in real estate. Our goal is to offer opportunities to people that want to achieve the American Dream. 

Cash Flow

                By purchasing properties with a positive cash flow in place and great upside potential, they ensure a better return for investors while at the same time working to improve the property’s value over time.

Emerging Markets

                At any given time, there are pockets of the United States called emerging markets. Emerging markets are sought out by savvy investors because of the prospect for higher returns. We do ongoing in-depth analysis of various cities throughout the United States to identify areas where job growth is on the rise and comprehensive master plans are being executed. We look for these areas and purchase properties with the goal of selling in three to five years when property values have increased – giving investors increased profit on the sale.

Value Ads

                 We look for value ads in properties. Value ads are characteristics in a property that may be under-performing. We analyze potential properties to find areas of that property that can be improved to raise the cash flow. These are things such as poor management, low rents, high vacancies, etc. The value of the property will increase as changes are implemented.

Preferred Relationships

                Much of our work is accomplished by developing preferred relationships with experienced brokers, attorneys, contractors, and property managers in the emerging markets. With emphasis on nurturing preferred relationships affords us the opportunity to access great deals before the public has a chance to see them.

"I just wanted to give you a quick note to thank you for a great working relationship in the acquisition of
 the property we both own  in Birmingham Alabama.  You have been a terrific partner to work with . As I've already mentioned to you on several occasions, I am  extremely impressed with your consistent professionalism. You always returned every phone call – and promptly I might add! It’s sad to say but that is not always the case. I  look forward to doing another deal with you." ~ Ray Tiwang,  TIG Homes, LLC
, DC  Dec 27, 2012

"Monica has worked with me on more than one small project and does a very fine job. She is a whiz at finding information and compiling it in a simple and understandable manner." Nicheole Amundsen, MNA Investments, LLC, Aug. 6, 2011

"Monica is a true "Go-Getter"! Her networking skills are second to none. She has been an invaluable resource for our Mastermind group. I would highly recommend her." ~ Angela M. Benjamin, The Real Estate Investor Mom, Feb 24, 2011 

"Monica is an innovator and she thinks outside the box. Not only is she efficient, she is able to balance numerous projects. Monica will be an asset to any corporation. She has a very strong work ethic and comes highly recommended." ~ Carla Dickerson, 'The Scholarship Lady, DC' , World Academic Sports Team, LLC, Feb 23, 2011


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